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Find red-hot love in space...
It's time to celebrate the holiday season with a A Very Merry Martian Christmas!

Elsa becomes stranded with hunky Grayson during a habitat dome leak on Mars and discovers they have a lot in common besides great sex.

Aphrodite 1

The crew of space station Aphrodite 1 finds romance, love, and danger—as well as a mystery—in the upper atmosphere of Venus.

Aphrodite 1 Life Sciences Officer Dr. Giselle Rosseau hasn’t lost a crew member yet—she’s not about to lose one now, either. Her first year aboard a space station orbiting the hot, desolate second planet hasn’t been all she hoped for, but she manages to work well under their less than friendly commander, Seth McCloud. After Seth’s a freak accident in the upper Venusian atmosphere, Giselle theorizes that perhaps their handsome comatose commander’s irritating stick-up-his-ass demeanor is a cover concealing a past heartache.  

When Seth wakes and finds Giselle pleasuring herself by his sickbed, to her surprise and delight he wants to join in on the fun.  Suddenly lonely Giselle finds both her empty heart and bunk filled with a passion that can’t be denied. 

Now everyone has a regular partner, and Giselle, Seth, and the rest of their playful crewmates can’t wait for Valentine’s Day. Seth’s increased strength and stamina since his accident is a mystery, but Giselle’s surprise a few weeks later is even bigger. What really happened to Seth in Venus’s upper atmosphere? And how will it affect their future happiness together?

Read a hot excerpt from Aphrodite 1 at the Celine's Dreams blog.

Aphrodite 1 is part of the Valentines on Venus collection and available from eXtasy Books as well as other fine ebook retailers.

And you can find love on Earth, too. 

What Money Can't Buy
(Divorced Divas series, m/f)

Francesca has had enough of her dead-end marriage. She walks out with no regrets and in hopes of discovering what will make her life more fulfilling. Following her passions for gardening and sustainable living, she enrolls in a course to learn more and collides head-on with a handsome Irishman, Callan O'Toole. Callan challenges her to apply for a summer internship at the Bouncing Butterfly eco-village. She does and is overjoyed to be accepted.

Working so close to a man who fills her every erotic daydream is a bit more than Francesca can take at first, so she tries to avoid Callan. He won't cooperate—and soon they are in each other's arms and in Callan's bed. Their summer lovin' is approved of by all, but Francesca doesn't want to become a permanent villager simply because she’s Callan's partner. She wants to be invited to live there on her own terms. Besides, her parents and her boss are waiting back in the city for her to return and take up her former existence. Can Francesca have it all—a lover, a career, and most importantly, what money can't buy?

Try out my series featuring the shapeshifter Wolf and his lover Penny...

Beneath the Silvery Moon

Penny returns to her archeology lab to study the silver coffin she discovered in Alaska. She very much misses her shapeshifting lover, Wolf, still working there as a wilderness guide. Falling asleep beside the artifact, Penny experiences a shapeshifting episode as a wolf and meets up with Wolf in a beautiful world. They make passionate love in what Penny believes is only a very real dream.

Wolf experiences the same dream, but he’s certain there’s more to it. He travels to be with Penny, and together they test out their theory of the artifact being a door to another world. But a mysterious stranger has been watching their erotic activities and wants to know how the artifact works.

Can Penny and Wolf elude him and continue to enjoy their shapeshifting and lovemaking without interruption?

Beyond the Starry Sky

To avoid being drafted by Agent Elliot Johnson into a mysterious government agency, lovers Penny and Wolf use the silver coffin to return to Eden and shapeshift into wolves. They hole up in a cave where Penny experiences an out-of-body lovemaking session with Elliot—who turns out not to be such a bad guy after all. He has a thing for Wolf as well.

The three enjoy their group sexual encounters and shapeshifting in the beautiful primordial world, but something familiar about the dying red star above makes them believe there’s more to Eden than meets the eye. Will their unseen hosts make their presence known at last?

Read a red-hot excerpt at Celine Dream's blog.

Beautiful Dreamer 
(a contemporary erotic-romance full-length novel)

Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene, sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues. Amazingly, Marianne hasn't a clue that their rendezvous even happened.

A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't the "love 'em and leave 'em" type he's used to entertaining in bed, and he's worried. Will she make him take a walk down the aisle if he confesses to his part of her fantasies? Can't they just be friends with benefits? His young deputy, Benny, seems to have found one in Phyleesha, but Benny's mother, Dulcie, has other things to say about the big-city newcomer.

For her part, Marianne doesn't know if she should continue taking the herbal "sleeping potion" her friend Dulcie gave her to deal with her recent bout of insomnia. Marianne's erotic dreams make her lust after their respectable county sheriff. Surely this is just a phase she's going through a year after her husband was killed in an oil-rig accident. But gorgeous Cody is definitely a temptation worth considering. Too bad his ex, Jolene, is back in town for the rodeo.

Will Cody be able to tell Marianne the truth about his involvement in her sleepwalking escapades? Will he survive the mysterious outbreak of cattle stampeding? And will he and Marianne discover beyond their fantasies true love prevails?

Read a red-hot excerpt from Beautiful Dreamer at Celine's Dreams.

The Seven For Seduction series: An office romance and a story of friends who stand by each other. (m/f)

Finding True Love
Book 3 in the Seven for Seduction series (m/f)

Life is changing for everyone in the office. Lotus has a big surprise, Keryn might be in love, and young Madi shows signs she is growing up at last. Raheesha plans a big June wedding. Gabriela has her baby, and even Emma might have a new interest.

Jaynie finds living with Bryce isn't all she thought it would be. With their new job responsibilities, they barely see each other. When their boss puts Jaynie in a do-it-or-else situation she feels she needs to lie to Bryce to protect his feelings.

Bryce's deepest fears return when his boss asks him to fly to a conference. When Gabriela suffers a possible miscarriage, it brings up nightmares from his past. He’s determined to make a better future and decides he's ready to marry and start a family with Jaynie. All seems right in the world until he discovers Jaynie’s lies.

Can Jaynie and Bryce work out her betrayal of his trust and find their own true love and happily ever after?

Facing Our Fears
Book 2 in the Seven for Seduction series
(contemporary erotic-romance novella)

Can family and friends help Jaynie and Bryce get past their fears and give their relationship a try? Or will their fears pull them apart?

The New Guy
Book 1 in the Seven For Seduction series
(An eXtasy Books "Editor Choice" Award winner! )

Can Jaynie win the heart of the new guy? If she does, can she find out what's really behind his distant demeanor to ensure a happily ever after? Will a second chance at love be a winning hand for them both?

Read an excerpt from this Editor's Choice pick at my Celine's Dreams blog.

From eXtasy Books, the Heavenly Bodies series (Soft science fiction/erotica). Click on the series page link on the right side to learn more about each title.

 Heavenly Bodies

Can Frank help  two gorgeous "angels" experience an erotic cultural awakening? (m/f/m)

Read an excerpt where Frank receives some TLC from his two very eager-to-please rescuers at my Celine's Dreams blog.

 Diplomatic Relations

Will Cherae be able to handle the generously endowed emperor and his entire high council and not risk a diplomatic incident? (m/f, m/f/m)

Read a super hot excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog site.

Galactic Guerillas

Will Jenna and her dream studs enjoy a threesome and discover a fantasy world with a life all its own? (m/f, m/f/m)

Read an excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog.


Can Lelia handle two Dels at one time? (m/f/m, m/f)

Read a very hot excerpt from PlayMate (where Lelia tries out her new "sex toy" and discovers what all her holographic lover is capable of) at my Celine's Dreams blog site.

Also available from eXtasy Books--the Kindred Vampire series (Paranormal erotic-romance adventure).

 Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy

Book 5 in the Kindred Vampires series,-Sailor-,-Vampire-,-Spy/  

(m/f, m/f/m)

Can Anna Nightingale rescue a kidnapped scientist from the Soviets, clear her friend's name, save  her lovers, and come to terms with her vampire heritage?

1949: Kindred MI agent Anna Nightingale accepts a mission to clear a fellow vampire’s name after he and his human lover, Professor Sorensen, vanish. On board the True North, Anna finds romance with Captain Sokoloff, a man who desires to become a vampire. Once at the hidden Soviet lab, an evil genie and two rogue vampires force Anna and team member  Smitty into an intimate situation that brings forth Smitty’s latent telepathic powers. But can their combined thoughts destroy the djinn and release them all from its hold before it’s too late?

  Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy features the young vampire Anna who first appears in Blood in Berlin.

The Kindred Vampires series...

Imagine a world where vampires live side-by-side with humans, immortal, strong, possessing psychic abilities and the power to shapeshift into flying creatures at will. The Kindred dwell in the darkness to avoid those who would harm them. However, they do welcome love and desire in the arms of warm-hearted humans who seek them out. 

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