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Blood in Berlin

By Celine Chatillon
Book 3 in the Kindred series


    In 1938 London, the vampire Edwin Carstairs attracts the attention of British Military Intelligence. A Nazi scientist known as Madame V is creating super-vampire-soldiers in Berlin and must be stopped. Edwin accepts the mission, hoping to prevent another devastating world war. But what will he and his team do when Edwin’s lost love Ophelia Jones is discovered taking an eager part in experiments that risk the very survival of human and vampire-kind alike?

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Blood Bond  
(Book 2 in the Kindred vampire series)


Edwin travels to Liverpool out of duty only to discover desire in the arms of the wildly sensual Ophelia and her darkly exotic employer known simply as Hamlet. When a vampire hunter threatens to destroy Hamlet, the three lovers’ blood bond is tested. Will Edwin be able to save his Kindred sire and return home in time to see the 1904 World’s Fair?
Warning: This story contains m/f/m and m/m/f menage

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           A Kindred Vampire Tale

Vlad, Leo, and Sofia form a love triangle with a bite and the spilling of blood...

Vampire Vlad Drakul has found the love of his...existence... in the beautiful and intelligent businesswoman, Sofia Martinelli. But is the sex-loving vixen all who she appears to be?

Leo Van Helsing cherishes his family's "calling". Perhaps a bit too much. He'll see the heinous blood-sucker dead... and he's not above using others to obtain his goals--even if it kills them.

One fatal night in Istanbul will change Vlad's afterlife forever. Can he abide a Blood Betrayal?

Loved the book. I read the whole thing in two days. Had me hooked . For me it was a very surprise ending that I didn't see coming.Loved the characters especially the character of Vlad. It is definitely a reread again for me in the future... --MicheleAnn O., reader

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This story was nominated for a Love Romance Cafe Award!

"Deliciously disturbing..." --Mrs. Giggles reviews


Sci-fi tales with an erotic edge.

Stories include:

What's it like to live and work all alone on an asteroid? Would you acquire a holographic lover like Lelia does?

Alien Seduction
Have you ever dreamed your favorite fantasy TV hero is real? What if he were--would you travel back with him to his home world?

Diplomatic Relations
Rumors have it that the Alliance needs to make a good impression on its newest potential members. But why does the High Commissioner keep mentioning that Cherae Longbows open-mindedness is an asset in this delicate situation?

Heavenly Bodies
What would happen if you were cryogenically frozen and woken up by a pair of angels resembling pin-up girls? Astronaut Frank Rimmer finds the whole experience an erotic cultural awakening of sorts...

Playmate, Alien Seduction, Diplomatic Relations and Heavenly Bodies are guaranteed to keep you warm during the coldest of winters. Beautifully written, Celine Chatillion adds wit and humor to these intensely sensual stories.--reviewer Zoe Knighton

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