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Beautiful Dreamer

Can a sexy, sleepwalking librarian corral a commitment-shy sheriff during the mayhem of rodeo week? When Marianne the Librarian sleepwalks into the brawny arms of handsome Sheriff Cody Greene, sparks fly and an erotic night of pleasure ensues. Amazingly, Marianne hasn't a clue that their rendezvous even happened.

A confirmed bachelor, Cody realizes Marianne isn't the "love 'em and leave 'em" type he's used to entertaining in bed, and he's worried. Will she make him take a walk down the aisle if he confesses to his part of her fantasies? Can't they just be friends with benefits? His young deputy, Benny, seems to have found one in Phyleesha, but Benny's mother, Dulcie, has other things to say about the big-city newcomer.

For her part, Marianne doesn't know if she should continue taking the herbal "sleeping potion" her friend Dulcie gave her to deal with her recent bout of insomnia. Marianne's erotic dreams make her lust after their respectable county sheriff. Surely this is just a phase she's going through a year after her husband was killed in an oil-rig accident. But gorgeous Cody is definitely a temptation worth considering. Too bad his ex, Jolene, is back in town for the rodeo.

Will Cody be able to tell Marianne the truth about his involvement in her sleepwalking escapades? Will he survive the mysterious outbreak of cattle stampeding? And will he and Marianne discover beyond their fantasies true love prevails?

Read a red-hot excerpt at Celine's Dreams.

The New Guy
Book 1 in the Seven For Seduction series

An Editor's Choice Award winner!

What’s a token male to do? Bryce Davison finds himself stuffed with homemade goodies, herbal cures, and attempts to sign him up to play a sport he despises. The only sane person in the all-female office is his aloof yet sexy cube neighbor, Jaynie Baker, and he can't seem to fight his attraction to her.

Jaynie has had enough of men. Left at the altar, there’s no way she’ll take her coworkers up on their wild bet to see who can seduce the mysterious Bryce first. Let the others go for it—she’ll take no part of that bet. Strangely enough, it's Jaynie’s leaving Bryce alone that turns him on the most and increases their mutual attraction.

Can Jaynie win the heart of the new guy? If she does, can she find out what's really behind his distant demeanor to ensure a happily ever after? Will a second chance at love be a winning hand for them both?

Read an excerpt at Celine's Dreams.

Facing Our Fears
Book 2 in the Seven for Seduction series
(contemporary erotic-romance novella)

Jaynie knows she has found the Mr. Right of her dreams. Yet Bryce doesn’t seem to want to commit to a real relationship. Her insecurities from being left at the altar, and the fact she knows Bryce is keeping secrets has her so confused she doesn’t know what to do.

Bryce knows he wants Jaynie—just ask his libido. She’s fun, smart, and just plain sexy. Yet the ghost of Helena still has the power to make him wary. Guilt and frustration are making it difficult to commit to a permanent relationship.

Can family and friends help Jaynie and Bryce get past their fears and give their relationship a try? Or will their fears pull them apart?

Finding True Love
Book 3 in the Seven for Seduction series

Life is changing for everyone in the office. Lotus has a big surprise, Keryn might be in love, and young Madi shows signs she is growing up at last. Raheesha plans a big June wedding. Gabriela has her baby, and even Emma might have a new interest.

Jaynie finds living with Bryce isn't all she thought it would be. With their new job responsibilities, they barely see each other. When their boss puts Jaynie in a do-it-or-else situation she feels she needs to lie to Bryce to protect his feelings.

Bryce's deepest fears return when his boss asks him to fly to a conference. When Gabriela suffers a possible miscarriage, it brings up nightmares from his past. He’s determined to make a better future and decides he's ready to marry and start a family with Jaynie. All seems right in the world until he discovers Jaynie’s lies.

Can Jaynie and Bryce work out her betrayal of his trust and find their own true love and happily ever after?


Santa's Big Little Helper

Be careful what you ask Santa for—you just might get it. Suellen confesses to an angelic hobo she's befriended on Christmas Eve that she lusts after the cover model on her romance novel because he reminds her of Carlos, a shy, handsome trucker who frequents her coffee shop. Santa's helper Carlos is given instructions by his friend Ol' Nick to make Suellen's dreams come true, and when Carlos finds out what they are, he can't wait. A little snow, a bearskin rug, and some fuzzy handcuffs make it a very Merry Christmas for the two lovers!

Read an excerpt at Celine's Dreams blog.


Lelia thought living and working alone on an asteroid was an ideal job. Far from the maddening crowds, she values her peace and quiet, but soon she finds she longs for company of an amorous kind. Following a tip from a fellow asteroid miner, she acquires a holographic lover based on the man of her dreams, her friendly postman who visits briefly every two weeks. When postman Del makes an unexpected visit and catches Lelia fooling around with his doppelganger, the fun really begins. Can Lelia handle two Dels at one time? (m/f/m, m/f)

Read a very hot excerpt from PlayMate (where Lelia tries out her new "sex toy" and discovers what all her holographic lover is capable of) at my Celine's Dreams blog site.

Galactic Guerillas

Jenna believes she's dreaming when she wakes up to her favorite SF/fantasy hero lying in bed beside her. Sexy, half-dressed Prince Reglund of television's Galactic Guerillas series can't be real, can he? But it's a very realistic and erotic dream, so Jenna plays along, agreeing to accompany Reg to his home world. Once there, they meet the dark and handsome voyeur Lord Talbit who lusts after free-spirited Earth maidens as well. Will Jenna and her dream studs enjoy a threesome and discover a fantasy world with a life all its own? (m/f, m/f/m)

Check out a hot excerpt on my Celine's Dreams blog.

 Diplomatic Relations

Career diplomat Cherae Longbow has heard the rumors. The Alliance of Peaceful Planets is desperate to make a good impression on its newest potential members, the Magnens of Magnus Prime. The High Commissioner tells Cherae her open-mindedness is an asset in this delicate situation, but it isn't until she and her team of young and sexually inquisitive aides view the first contact video does the truth of this statement hit home. The Magnens expect their allies to partake in their customary mass orgy in order to seal the deal on Alliance membership. Will Cherae be able to handle the generously endowed emperor and his entire high council and not risk a diplomatic incident? (m/f, group sex, voyeurism)

Check out a super hot excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog.

 Heavenly Bodies
Book 4 in the series 

After an asteroid collides with his spaceship, killing all others on board, astronaut Frank Rimmer cryogenically freezes himself to await rescue. When Frank wakes up, he's greeted by a pair of rescuers resembling pin-up girls from his crewmate's calendar. The girls who rescue him are aliens who can project images into Frank's mind and appear as he would like to see them. Sister-clones Mahla and Shahla tell him they sincerely want to learn more about human beings and their mating rituals. They study "unofficial files" onboard and ask Frank for his help in understanding human sexuality. Can Frank help these two gorgeous angels experience an erotic cultural awakening? (f/m/f)

Read an excerpt where Frank receives some TLC from his two very eager-to-please rescuers at my Celine's Dreams blog.

Under the Midnight Sun
by Celine Chatillon

Penny's expedition goes pear-shaped, but her wilderness guide, Wolf, turns out to be a handsome shape-shifter with an animal magnetism she can't resist.

It's bad enough the entire archeology community thinks they're "crackpots," but after her professor suffers a medical emergency, Penny Redfern finds herself alone at the dig with their handsome wilderness guide. Suddenly she has a lot more on her mind than searching for a suspected Viking longship in the Far North  of Alaska. Wolf Weiss can't help but lust after the gorgeous Penny, but his sense of professionalism keeps him politely distant. Plus, it's a full moon, that time of the month for Wolf to howl with the pack. Not even the midnight sun will halt his urge to shift. He can't let Penny find out he's a shape-shifter—or can he? Will the free-spirited Penny find Wolf's animal magnetism too strong to resist?

Read a howling good excerpt from Under the Midnight Sun on my Celine's Dreams blog by clicking here. (Parts 2 and 3 of Penny and Wolf's love story coming Summer 2018!)

A Very Vampire Christmas 

How do you cheer up your vampire lover around the holiday season? Melynda wonders if maybe a few new traditions of their own are in order to bring a smile to Val's bite. Mel's time-traveling cousin Shelby and her horny boyfriend Quentin add to the fun of the season with their own brand of wild and free activities. Mel and Shel find it's time to get on Santa's "naughty girl" list. Ho, ho, ho!

Available at eXtasy Books:

 Featuring Melynda and Val from my novel The Vampire Next Door and Shelby and Quentin from the Time Surfer series.

In print from Amazon: Clan Drakul: The Kindred Vampires. This book contains two stories,  The Vampire Next Door and Blood Betrayal. All e-books in this series are available at Amazon, eXtasy Books (best price) and wherever fine e-books are sold.

Two tall, dark and handsome vampires looking for someone to share eternity with-while dealing with a maniacal vampire hunter provides the focus for Clan Drakul.


Click here to buy your print copy of Clan Drakul.

 Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy

Book 5 in the Kindred Vampires series,-Sailor-,-Vampire-,-Spy/

Can Anna Nightingale rescue a kidnapped scientist from the Soviets, clear her friend's name, save  her lovers, and come to terms with her vampire heritage?

 1949: Kindred MI agent Anna Nightingale accepts a mission to clear a fellow vampire’s name after he and his human lover, Professor Sorensen, vanish. On board the True North, Anna finds romance with Captain Sokoloff, a man who desires to become a vampire. Once at the hidden Soviet lab, an evil genie and two rogue vampires force Anna and team member  Smitty into an intimate situation that brings forth Smitty’s latent telepathic powers. But can their combined thoughts destroy the djinn and release them all from its hold before it’s too late?
  Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy features the young vampire Anna who first appears in Blood in Berlin. Read an excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog:

 The Time Surfer series 
The Time Surfer series follows the adventures of Shelby, a recent divorcee, and a cousin to Melynda from my novel The Vampire Next Door. Shelby doesn't believe that Quentin is from the future when she first meets him, but she's more than willing to let that slide because he's so sexy. Throughout their travels in the past, present and future, Shelby and Quentin come to love and trust each other, all the while sharing some very erotic and exotic experiences.

Playing with the Past

When Shelby meets the mysterious Quentin it's lust at first...grope. Deciding that it's time she made some changes in her life, Shelby agrees to accompany her new lover on a trip, only to discover that Quentin is indeed the rogue 42nd century time agent he says he is! Book 2 in the series, Fooling Around with the Future, is coming November 1 from eXtasy Books.

Read an exciting excerpt from part one at my Celine's Dreams blog.

Part 2 in the Time Surfer series now available--

Fooling Around With the Future

Time travelers Shelby and Quentin escape to the future only to find themselves trapped aboard an orgy spaceship of an evil outlaw time agent. With a price on his head, Quentin hides and Shelby finds herself drawn to the thrill of sex with aliens, especially an invisible man who isn’t all he appears to be. Can Shelby use her newly acquired sexual skills to save her lover while preventing the universe from going kaboom?

Read a red hot excerpt from book two by clicking this on link: A Sexy First on a Party Spaceship at my Celine's Dreams blog.

Shelby and Quentin invite Ivak, the invisible time agent, to present day St. Louis for a bit of relaxation. They introduce Ivak to Sara Shaw, a determined up-and-coming real estate tycoon. Ivak falls hard for the beautiful ice princess and yearns to melt her heart and help her trust again. Can a trip to Sara’s past—and then into her future—persuade her that love exists beyond outer appearances?

You can read a scorching hot excerpt from Present Day Partners at Celine's Dreams by clicking on this link.

Convenient links to all three books in the Time Surfer series:

The Kindred Vampires...
Imagine a world where vampires live side-by-side with humans, immortal, strong, possessing psychic abilities and the power to shapeshift into flying creatures at will. The Kindred dwell in the darkness to avoid those who would harm them and seek out nourishment through blood. However, they do welcome love and desire in the arms of warmhearted humans who seek them out.  Books 1 (Blood Betrayal) and 4 (The Vampire Next Door) are contemporary stories sharing some of the same characters. Books 2 (Blood Bond) , 3 (Blood in Berlin), and 5 (Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy) are historical stories featuring some of the same characters.

The Vampire Next Door
Book 4 in the Kindred vampire series
180 pages

 Valentine Drakul longs for a mate, someone to share eternity with who won’t be totally grossed out living on a diet of steak tartare. Could the sexy girl living upstairs fulfill his every fantasy?

Melynda Kerpanik got the heck out of Dodge and ended up in St. Louis working for her cousin as an interior decorator. But will her career plans take a backseat to her curiosity about things that “go bump in the night”?
A deadly foe ensnares Mel in his evil plot to rid the world of Kindred race... Can Val save the mortal woman he loves without transforming her into the eternally lonely being he's become?

Read an excerpt from The Vampire Next Door at  Celine's Dream's blog.

 Blood in Berlin 

Book 3 in the Kindred vampire series

    In 1938 London, the vampire Edwin Carstairs attracts the attention of British Military Intelligence. A Nazi scientist known as Madame V is creating super-vampire-soldiers in Berlin and must be stopped. Edwin accepts the mission, hoping to prevent another devastating world war. But what will he and his team do when Edwin’s lost love Ophelia Jones is discovered taking an eager part in experiments that risk the very survival of human and vampire-kind alike?
Read an excerpt at  Celine's Dreams blog.

(Book 2 in the Kindred vampire series)

Edwin travels to Liverpool out of duty only to discover desire in the arms of the wi

When Shelby meets the mysterious Quentin it's lust at first...grope. Deciding that it's time she made some changes in her life, Shelby agrees to accompany her new lover on a trip, only to discover that Quentin is indeed the rogue 42nd century time agent he says he is! Book 1 in the series, Playing with the Past, is coming soon from eXtasy Books.

ldly sensual Ophelia and her darkly exotic employer known simply as Hamlet. When a vampire hunter threatens to destroy Hamlet, the three lovers’ blood bond is tested. Will Edwin be able to save his Kindred sire and return home in time to see the 1904 World’s Fair? 
Warning: This story contains m/f/m and m/m/f menage scenes. Click here to purchase this book at the best price!
Read an excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog. Read another excerpt by clicking here.

Blood Betrayal
A Kindred Vampire Tale
Vlad, Leo, and Sofia form a love triangle with a bite and the spilling of blood...

Vampire Vlad Drakul has found the love of his...existence... in the beautiful and intelligent businesswoman, Sofia Martinelli. But is the sex-loving vixen all who she appears to be?

Leo Van Helsing cherishes his family's "calling". Perhaps a bit too much. He'll see the heinous blood-sucker dead... and he's not above using others to obtain his goals--even if it kills them.

One fatal night in Istanbul will change Vlad's afterlife forever. Can he abide a Blood Betrayal?

Click here to purchase this book at the best price!
Click here to read an excerpt at my Celine's Dreams blog. Read a longer excerpt at Goodreads.

A Middle Class Existence

When Riki’s "perfect world" is threatened she embarks on a plan of vengeance to take back what is hers from her husband's ex-boss, Morgan Fahr.  She soon discovers that she revels in the feelings of power she has over men like Fahr through casual sex and seeks it out with a shady lawyer as well. But as her simple blackmail plot spirals out of control, Riki begins to realize the only way out could lead to murder.

Click here to purchase this book at the best price!
Click here to read a hot excerpt.

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures

What do you get when Star Wars meets Sherwood Forest? Mix in a little Pirates of the Caribbean, Fanny Hill and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy and you get Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures. With a series title that long, you know it’s just gotta be full of hot sex, sci-fi fun and lots of laughs!

Read Brandi's blog filled with hot excerpts, purchase links and more:

Click here to purchase all of Brandi's individual titles at the best price!

Click here to buy a "book bundle" and save 50% on all the current titles in the Brandi Whyne series!

Gifts Well-Timed
Liberality consists less in giving a great deal than in gifts well-timed. –-Jean De La Bruyere

Trish Steelman always gives generously of her time and energy to her students... But it takes a blizzard and a friendly ghost to help her to receive the gift of love from Patrick Rodgers, a fellow teacher she has been mentoring.

“Pete the Poltergeist” brings these two sensitive and caring souls together in the empty halls of Harding High. Before long, Trish and Patrick realize that sharing “body warmth” with a friend in the midst of a power outage can ignite a fiery passion that has been too long contained…

Click here to purchase this book at the best price!
Click here to read a hot excerpt.

Yes, Virginia, Here Comes Santa Claus

When Brad "The Rude Reporter" Rudner opens a letter to the editor from a lonely lady who says she doesn't believe in Santa after her fiance dumped her, he feels it's his duty revive her faith in the jolly old elf. A red garter belt and fishnet stockings help "good girl" Ginny get on Santa's "naughty" list, and Brad can't help but lose his heart to the dark, exotic beauty.

Operation: Seduction!

Office Slut" Mallory Jones can't wait any longer... She wants some "superhero" hot fun in the boardroom with her shy co-worker "Kent Clarke". But can the gorgeous geek deliver?”

A "Fantasy Games" short story from eXtasy Books.

Click here to purchase this book at the best price!
Click here to read a hot excerpt.

The Loves of Her Life: Two of Wands
From the Tarot Card Series at eXtasy Books.

(Warning: Contains m/f/m, public sex.)

Spoiled and pampered Princess Estrella knows she must marry Prince Norbet for the good of her people. But she loves Lord Aiden, her childhood sweetheart, a soldier who must fight the dragon that threatens both their kingdoms. With her second sight she can see into the future and knows what is best for all… But even with this awful knowledge, how can Estrella choose between the loves of her life?

Click here to read a hot excerpt.

Shifting Sands
a short story from the Atlantis Allure series

Arianna’s spring break love turns out to be a shapeshifting prince of Atlantis.
   Arianna supposed stranger things could happen than meeting a handsome shapeshifter on her spring break at the beach. But should she take the dashing prince of Atlantis up on his offer?

Click here to purchase this book at the best price!


Here's a quick run-down of my backlist by sub-genre.

The Kindred Vampire Series:

Clan Drakul (print) 
Thinker, Sailor, Vampire, Spy 
Blood in Berlin 
Blood Bond 
Blood Betrayal 
The Vampire Next Door 
A Very Vampire Christmas

Under the Midnight Sun (featuring shapeshifters Penny and Wolf)
Coming soon: Beneath the Silvery Moon
Beyond the Starry Sky

The Time Surfer Series (Time Travel)
Present Day Partners
Playing with the Past
Fooling Around with the Future

Brandi Whyne and Her Incredibly Erotic Adventures (A 10 part serialized novel series)
The Loves of Her Life: Two of Wands (part of the Tarot Series)
Shifting Sands (part of the Atlantis Allure series)
Heavenly Bodies (a collection of erotic science fiction short stories)

A Middle Class Existence
Gifts Well Timed
Yes, Virginia, Here Comes Santa Claus
Santa's Big Little Helper

Operation: Seduction
(part of the Fantasy Games series)
Beautiful Dreamer

Seven For Seduction
series: The New Guy, Facing Our Fears, Finding New Love